The Wallet Reimagined

The ultra-slim design of bachclip makes it easy to fit in any pocket without the ugly wallet bulge. The bachclip is a modern take on a traditional wallet, minimal but practical for your essential everyday carry.

Easy Access Cash Clip

Style and the unmatched strength of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy forged into a wallet the size of a credit card. 

C-Design Quick Card

Easy access doesn't mean unsecured. Even with your cards fanned out, the bachclip is designed so the cards stay in place making your card selection a breeze.

Ultra Thin & Strong

Forged from top grade material, carry your cards, cash, and more at a fraction of the size of a traditional wallet.

"I used to be constantly reminded  of my thick wallet I had in my back pocket every time I sat down. I have been using a bachclip for about 6 months now and I sometimes forget I even have a wallet with me."I recommend one now to everyone I know"

-Thomas Kane

New York 

The Most Functional Wallet, Ever

Carbon Fiber Wallet
  • Premium grade stretch weave to hold up to 12 cards
  • Made from lightweight carbon fiber and an aluminum alloy 

  • Traditional style removable money clip ideal for cash and business cards
  • RFID blocking protection from wireless scanning devices

Minimalism Meets Functionality and Quality


What are the dimensions of bachclip?

The dimensions of the bachclip wallet are 86 x 54 x 6 mm. The exact width and length of a credit card.

What comes with a bachclip?

Every bachclip comes packaged a sleek branded tin box with included screwdriver for screws and/or clip removal 

How much does bachclip weigh?

With our lightweight Carbon Fiber and aluminum design, bachclip only weighs 2.0 ounces 

How do I insert and access cards?

Easily slide cards between the two RFID plates and simply push the C cut out to any card

Can I keep some cards out fo the anti RFID chip so I can use them without pulling them out?

Yes! Some customers want to keep a personal ID card or credit card out of the anti RFID plates so they can use it even more quickly.

What is RFID protection?

Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to receive information from tags that are attached to certain objects. Any skimmer can use a wireless device in order to skim credit cards and data just by passing by. With RFID protection in bachclip your personal and financial information stays secure inside the plates.

How many bills can it hold?

It depends on the thickness of the bills but usually up to 10-15 folded bills

When will my order be shipped out?

We strive on processing and getting orders out as soon and as fast as we can. Typically you can expect your order to be out for delivery within 3-4  business days. 

 Back in stock!

To keep up with increasing demand, we have been working around the clock to keep our warehouses stocked during these uncertain times.